1. Go On

From the recording Revolution ( Digital Download)

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Go On
By Paula Cole
Freedom is another word for facing all my lonely fear
Freedom is your final word for getting off the ledge with me.
Will you ever Share your secret world?
Your dreams beyond the confines of our hurts?
Go on, go on, go on
Go without me
I’ll be waiting
Go on, go on, go on,
‘Cause Next time, my darling,
It’ll be me.
Something pulls you out of bed, and down the street and in the car,
And off to war with Demons wrestling your subconscious, I’ve no control,
Let the love go free into the woods
Wild like a cold coyote pulled
Go on, go on, go on,
Go without me,
I can’t wait then
Go on, go on, go on,
go without me,
I’ll go without you,
There were promises made, with the best of our dreams
But we know you’re the lover - and I am the leader,
And in strength I accept you, as you sail down the river,
To find the elusive, a hummingbird phantom,
After some gold rush – a fool rushing forward,
I’ll wait on for you, And I will be tortured,
But I know patience and I know virtue,
And you will soon tire, of hummingbird muses
Of rivers and ruses, of heartache and bruises,
And you will return then, and I will be home-,
And I may not want you, but we will continue,
To see what this is,
Cause you need to go on, and I need to go on,
Our story will go on, because it must (it will)
Go On….