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Warm Vibes and Holiday Cheer November 18th, 2010


Dear All,

November has been quite the cyclone. I don't believe I've been this consistently touring since the 90's. I'm back to living in two pairs of jeans and surviving with my militaristic-suitcase-life. My Dad always thought me a good camper. Guess I still am. But I miss family, and it is heartening to see the holidays in sight. My domestic tendencies are flexing their desire to nest. Decorate. Bake. Hoo hah. Hallelujah, Happy Hanukkah and Have yourself a Merry Little.

On another note: the music business has been distressing of late, but I will continue on amidst my existential thoughts. I know I am special, and even though I may never see the recognition I secretly (or not so secretly!) crave, I must continue.

I write songs and I sing them. I live for music, and I must persist, whatever the outcome because I just believe. Perhaps I will tour a little less next year as I look to write some. But I will most certainly come to your town, and I look forward to seeing you there at our "family reunion".

Warm vibes and holiday cheer,