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My New Album August 31st, 2010

I am traveling more than ever now. I am back out on the road, giving my voice, my love, my sweat. I am meeting you all in different American cities. I am humbled by your support. Thank you so much for your ebullient energy at the shows. I'll keep singing if you keep coming! We add more dates to the itinerary every week. Just keep looking at our site for news and shows. The next big excitement will be releasing "Ithaca" and sharing that more comprehensively with you all.

September 21st, our release date, is fast approaching and I want you to know I am proud of this album. It took a lot of heartache in living life to experience the depths of the album's content, and it also took a lot of hard work to find my confidence and voice again. I have a hand in the production on "Ithaca". Do you know how wonderful that feels? It is a satisfying contentment in knowing my personal journeys made manifest in song will be in the world.
Although we live in a world of downloading, I most highly recommend you buy this physical album. Hold the soft digi-pack in your hands. See the beautiful artistic photography by legend Fabrizio Ferri. Turn the pages. Read the small print. Trance out with me. Have the old-fashioned experience of holding the album while listening.. It trounces downloading.
I look forward to walking this new chapter of "Ithaca" with all of you.
Love and all good things,